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UN System Organizational Chart

Natural hazards are not disasters, in and of themselves. They become disasters depending on the elements of exposure, vulnerability and resilience, all factors that can be addressed by human including state action.

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights | Geneva Internet Platform

A failure by governments and others to take reasonable preventive action to reduce exposure and vulnerability and to enhance resilience, as well as to provide effective mitigation, is therefore a human rights question. Similarly, the important factors of population shifts, the density of built up environments and shortcomings in certain development models are also the product of choices made by governments, private actors and international organizations. Importantly, vulnerable, marginalized, discriminated and impoverished groups typically have fewer choices at their disposal to prepare for, respond to, escape from, or recover from disasters.

UN System Organizational Chart

Therefore, human rights should be integrated in all stages of DRR: prevention, mitigation, relief, development, reconstruction, and rehabilitation. A number of human rights-relevant elements are already explicitly addressed to varying degrees in the Hyogo Framework of Action, including gender, age, vulnerable groups, cultural diversity, livelihoods, and socio-economic structures.

Each of these is essential to rights-based and effective DRR. It also highlights that integrating human rights considerations in the response and recovery efforts serves to reduce the impact of natural disasters on the affected populations, and contributes to a more sustainable post-crisis recovery and development. A number of field offices have provided assistance in drafting contingency plans and training, and are actively engaged in humanitarian activities related to disaster preparedness, response and recovery. For example, OHCHR as co-lead of the Regional Protection Cluster in the Pacific, works with the national disaster management offices to integrate human rights in disasters preparedness and response procedures and efforts including in Fiji and Tonga.

OHCHR contributed to the Humanitarian Contingency Plan for the Protection Cluster in Nepal in to include a focus on access to adequate standards of food, health, housing, water and sanitation.

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It collaborates with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and national NGOs, as well as organizes capacity building workshops of national stakeholders on integrating human rights in natural disasters management. Log in or Register.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

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Or share via:. I endured pre mission, during mission and post mission mobbing. A rapporteur is obliged to be independent.

Inequality drives human rights violations everywhere - Annual Report UN rights chief

Sure enough, I was pressured, intimidated, insulted by non governmental organizations and even colleagues, but I was able to proceed with my investigation and reflect what I saw and learned on the ground. I am not an ideologue.

'False, motivated narrative'

There are many in the U N secretariat. In April, Weisbrot co-authored a report which documented 40, preventable deaths that occurred between and as a direct result of US sanctions.

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This groundbreaking report was also ignored by Bachelet, who had far more resources at her disposal to investigate its disturbing conclusions and perhaps prevent thousands more deaths. I note the fact that Venezuela's economy is still largely controlled by the private sector, while Ambassador Moncada highlights faulty logic: "if we are committing suicide, what do you need sanctions for? The problem is they are applying sanctions as never before.

Plan of Action Submitted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

So they actually think that sanctions have an aim and an end result, and they are trying to implode the country. The international oil market collapsed in , just months after Reuters reported US Secretary of State John Kerry met with Saudi King Abdullah in order to discuss plans to increase petrol production. In , the government of Maduro introduced the Local Committees for Supply and Food Distribution program, or CLAP, to offset the impact of sanctions and the economic crisis brought on by falling oil prices.

The claims made by Bachelet during an abbreviated tour of Venezuela stood at stark odds with the findings of multiple media outlets, Venezuelan citizens and foreigners who recently traveled to Venezuela to witness CLAP distribution. Those people got food just as we in the chavista household got food.