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You can learn to set up your life to support and protect your energy, and re-ignite your spiritual life. How can you do this? Email address:. Our residents get together monthly to develop resources, blogs and guided meditations to deepen your practice. Connect with us. Facebook-f Instagram Youtube. Book Now. I hope anybody who is inspired by reading any of these things will use what they learn as background, as fertilizer if you like, and will take the necessary steps to get the necessary understanding, blessing, empowerment and teaching to put that into practice for the benefit of all beings!

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The very fact that Evans Wentz could get a copy and find a Buddhist practitioner willing to translate the text shows that they were not in practice that restricted even in the s. Today there are detailed manuals in Tibetan showing even the yogic postures published as books in Tibet language which anyone can purchase. Whether or not a person in Tibet felt capable of studying such a text without a teacher, let alone trying to put the methods into practice is of course another matter. Similarly there is nothing stopping me from buying and reading a book on surgery — but it would be extremly unwise and downright ileagal for me to try and put the contents of that book into practice without first going through years of study and then practice under qualified teachers.

I think your point is entirely valid. The primary deficiency in the works edited by Evans-Wentz is that the books mostly originated in Ningma teachings, but were edited by a Kagyu, who was a buracrat and not a full-time monk. Amos, hardly and of the content of the book to which I refer originated in Nyingma teachings.

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It is hard to imagine that the translator, as a Tibetan speaker, could make such a gross error. One strange thing is that in spite of this blatant mistranslation, there is no mention in the footnotes, which are apparently meant to lend an air of scholarly rigour to the work.

The Practice Of The Six Yogas Of Naropa

Could Evans-Wentz perhaps not read even a single word of Tibetan? Or did he think that nobody apart from him would ever be able to decipher the Tibetan?

It is shoddy, unscholarly, and reveals an attitude that throws doubt on the whole of his work. Thank you for the wonderful references. In fact, it will help you appreciate a good teacher when you find one.

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Thanks again…. Sitting here at my work …. This is recent. The dynamic behind these meditations is fantastic!!

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I took refuge about six years ago after reading The Bliss of Inner Fire. That and a guru and empowerments. I drink far too much, smoke dope, etc. Of course, it would be better and easier if you were!

So they should sack me!! Original Title. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Glenn H. Mullin is an expert on Tibetan Buddhism, having written and translated over two dozen books from the tradition, many works from the esoteric teachings of the great Lamas.

This book of his is a superb work on the esoteric practice of the six inner yogas. Ideally, a reader would have a fund of meditative experience, preferably within the Buddhist tradition and preferably under the guidance of an experienced teacher. However, thanks to the translator's 10 page introduction and a clearly wr Glenn H. However, thanks to the translator's 10 page introduction and a clearly written preamble to each of the 6 sections, those new to these teachings will find much that is accessible.

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The appearances of death persist for seven days, Or perhaps as much as seven times seven. And then one must take rebirth. Here is one more quote, a quote from Tilopa's student Naropa, perhaps an appropriate quote for anyone thinking of beginning this esoteric practice: "The qualified disciple is someone who has Confidence, energy, intelligence, and compassion, Is mindful of the shortcomings of worldly life, And has transcended worldly concerns. Even if you are only attracted to one yoga, say dream yoga or bardo yoga, this book will serve as a fine introduction.

Nov 19, Claudio rated it liked it. This book although is very practical requires quite a lot of previous knowledge and practice within the tibetan Buddhist tradition Otherwise some instructions are completely alien and difficult to grasp. Mar 05, Kevin rated it it was amazing. Wonderful translations of commentaries written about Tsongkhapa's seminal work - The Six Yogas of Naropa. Ron Tan rated it really liked it Nov 17, Antonis rated it it was amazing Feb 21, Charlotte Nydegger rated it really liked it Mar 09, Red rated it liked it Feb 27, Rakshindra Rakshasa rated it liked it Aug 20, Daniel rated it really liked it Aug 06, Daniel Scharpenburg rated it it was ok Apr 07,

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